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Welcome and thank you for dropping in on us at Info 4 Garden, the one-stop information shop for all things garden. Search our extensive supplier database to find exactly the right product or service for you. If you are a supplier, submit a listing and become known to our many visitors and newsletter subscribers.

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Spring Fair NEC Had A Spring In Its Step This Year

For those who don't know, the Spring Fair is a trade show hosted at the NEC, Birmingham, by EMAP. This year it ran between the 5th and 9th February, and features a menagerie of suppliers from the home and garden sector.

I want to say thanks to those who took the time to chat to me about their respective businesses, and for the resulting insight this has given me. There were the expected grumbles about the current challenges facing the retail sector. Some supliers are finding it very hard indeed, not just because they are seeing a constriction in demand from their retail customers while the UK consumer tightens his belt, but they also face challenges on the supply side to their business. It's no secret that a great proportion of our goods are manufactured in the Far East - predominantly China, and herein lies the current challenges.

Chinese workers are demanding higher pay and more favourable working conditions, and this is predicted to manifest itself in 20% wage inflation for the next 2 - 4 years. Chinese goods, combined with recent commodity price inflation, really aren't as cheap as they used to be, and suppliers are finding it hard to mitigate the resulting price increases to their retail customers. The weakness of our currency since the beginning of the financial crisis serves to compound this issue of price. One supplier also mentioned that it was becoming very difficult to do business with Chinese factories due to a breakdown of trust. The factories don't want to take the risk of giving credit, and trade suppliers here are reluctant to make payment in advance for their orders while the bankruptcy rate remains high. When will this distrust spiral break - who knows.

The question is, does this spell doom and gloom? Certainly not - UK suppliers and distributors are stepping up to these challenges and the above has meant a very positive trend - production is coming home. It was so refreshing to see more smaller companies that are making things and asking UK retailers for their business. I saw a number of business owners who have forges making anything from fire pits, to cast iron candle holders. Another company was making home accessories from slate, including place mats and Christmas decoration - good old British inventiveness in action! For those who hadn't yet brought production back to the UK, they had certainly brought it closer, favouring Polish factories over the Chinese.

In the coming years it seems that we will start to make things again, and this can only be good news for the garden industry. This will mean higher prices, but it will also mean better quality and a better assurance of supply, and this is what the baby-boomer garden enthusiasts want by most accounts. The smart retailers will boast about the UK products that they feature in their portfolios, and benefit from greater supply assurance and customer satisfaction.

The times for UK garden suppliers are different, not gloomful.

Best gardens and green spaces in London

You do not have to travel to green countries such as Norway, Sweden, Costa Rica, Denmark or Germany in order to reconnect with nature. There are plenty of beautiful gardens and peaceful green spaces in London as well. Meet a tempting lady from London Escort Guide and go together for a romantic date in one of the best green spaces hidden in this vibrant city.

Uncover the green gems within London

If you want to impress your companion with an unforgettable romantic date, you must take her to Isabella Plantation. The bright colors are delightful in this woodland garden rich in blooming rhododendrons and azaleas. Stroll between rows of beautiful flowers, climb up King Henry’s Mound and be charmed by one of the best views in the city, with St Paul’s Cathedral ten miles away.

The wild and undulating parkland of Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola is one of the most protected green gems hidden in London. This elegant park was built at the start of the twentieth century by the Lord Leverhulme to be his perfect hideaway for extravagant parties. Overhanging plants create a lush décor, while the tangled roots and smooth stone columns will transport you a few decades in the past.

Spend a few hours daydreaming with your lovely companion in one of the most impressive Japanese gardens. Walk to Holland Park in Kensington and Chelsea to the idyllic green space – Kyoto Garden – that was donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991. Because this Japanese garden features several Japanese maple trees, a pond and a waterfall, it is a great place to serve a picnic or have a photo session with your charming companion.

Escape from the buzz of Brixton in the hidden garden from Brockwell Park. The four walls near the western edge of the park hide one of the loveliest gardens in London. Stone pathways will lead you nearby the glossy lake, where cute ducks will slowly float on water. Stroll between beds of charming flowers and plants and reconnect with nature in this peaceful heaven on earth. Go uphill towards Brockwell Hall and be charmed by the view over central London.

Explore the parks with a beauty from London Escort Guide

Morden Hall Parks looks like a picturesque village, but is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Northern line. The fascinating old-fashioned waterwheel is slowly turned by the gentle current, hypnotizing you and relieving you from stress. If you come here by the side of an appealing lady from London Escort Guide, make sure you do not miss the lovely Victorian stableyard situated right at the core of Morden Hall Park.

There are numerous other green places hidden within London that are just waiting to be discovered by you and your beautiful escort from https://www.eros.com/. Establish a meeting with a ravishing lady from London Escorts, enter one of these heavenly parks and spend a wonderful day together exploring the gardens!

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